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Home Window Tinting

Tinting the windows and doors in your home is one of the best investments you can make. Window Tint significantly reduces heat, glare and harmful UV rays, all while make your home more comfortable, private and energy efficient all year round. We can tint almost any type of glass with any frame type and can even remove the old tint first. Make your home shine with our premium house window film.

Commercial Window Tinting

There are a variety of reasons to tint the glass in your office, workshop or store, be it to stop people seeing the stock in the back room or to create a 1-way mirror to conceal the back office. It could be to block the intense heat that’s irritating staff and customers, or the glare sending you home with a headache. With commercial window tinting, the choice is yours, we have an extensive range of window tint all of which are suitable for commercial application. Give your workspace a facelift and reduce your energy consumption at the same time.

Car Window Tinting

Car tint is a must have for all vehicles. Our car window tint boasts a minimum of 55% Heat Reduction and blocks 99% of ultraviolet light, saving your skin and the interior of your car from damage caused by the sun. Our auto tint cuts glare in half and creates un-matched privacy in the car too. With a wide variety to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a shade that does the job and looks stunning.

RV and Caravan Tinting

Almost every motorhome or caravan we come across, benefits from having window tint installed. With often such a small living space to keep comfortable, window tint is considerably more important than usual. With most RV’s your not limited to automotive tint either, we can install house window film for greater heat reduction and insulation. Block heat, glare and ramp up the privacy, tint your caravan or motorhome before your next trip.

Truck Tinting

Considering Trucks spend most of their time our on the road, driving all day in the hot sun, window tint is an absolute must-have. We can tint any truck, any size and anywhere. Tinting your truck or fleet of trucks will make it much more comfortable and will stop you burning. We can also install lower and upper windscreen strips to combat the glare from the bonnet and highway.

Safety & Security Film

Safety & Security film is a multipurpose clear laminate that not only can stop potential thieves breaking through glass, it can save your life, literally! Many older buildings still hold 3-4mm un-tempered glass windows that with minimal pressure can break, causing severe injury. Other likely candidates for this product are low lying windows likely to come into contact with children and pets, modern glass breaks too.

Frosting & Decorative

White matte window frosting is a versatile product and can be installed just about anywhere. We’ve installed frosting onto balcony balustrades, glass office partitions, bathroom windows, shower screens, louvers and more. We can also install frosting to a desired height on the pane and can add decorative strips. We’ve installed frosting in homes, medical centres, clubs, schools, busy offices and childcare centres just to name a few.

Heavy Machinery

We can install window tint to the glass of any bulldozer, loader, grader or excavator. The addition of window film will substantially reduce cabin temperature and stop the operator from burning in the direct sun. We have a variety of shades suited to this application that won’t compromise safety, we can also partially tint the panel from the top down, maximising effect with 100% clear visibility to the ground below.

Basic Vinyl Signage

We can cater for small-medium vinyl signage requests. Be in your store or workshop opening hours, your logo, phone numbers or a mix of all, we can print, cut and install vinyl signs to any glass door or window and in some cases we can aid with the design.

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