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Choosing Your
Window Dressing

There is a whole book of different window films out there and the possibilities can seem endless and overwhelming, but here at Asgard we’ve simplified our window film products into the 4 categories.

Each category has its own range of shades, varying by units of Visible Light Transmission (VLT), this number is next to the window film name. Remember this rule while considering which film to have installed: The lower the number (VLT), the darker it is.

  • 01.Neutral Window Film
  • 02.Reflective
  • 03.Dual Climate
  • 04.Specialty
Neutral Window Film

Neutral Window film is generally black in appearance with a mild black-toned reflection visible from the outside. To look through it is much like looking through a pair of dark grey/black sunglasses.

Neutral window film is considered the ‘safe’ option for anyone looking to reap the benefits of window tint without altering the façade of their home too much. We sell neutral film in two shades, 20% VLT and 10% VLT.

Tip: 9/10 of our neutral installations are done in the 20% VLT, seems to just be everyone’s cup of tea!

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Residential Reflective Window Treatments

Reflective window film is defined by a more mirrored appearance on the outside.

The intensity of the mirrored appearance changes with the different shades, with changes visible from outside and inside. With reflective film, a good rule of thumb is to remember that the lower the VLT value the more reflective it will appear.

The darker shade will show up as reflective as your bathroom mirror on the outside making them the optimum film to choose for 100% privacy. The reflective mirror film comes in a warm tone and cool tone and also boast the highest heat reduction, a whopping 85%.

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Dual Climate Window Treatments
Dual Climate

Dual Climate window film is the optimum choice for those living in diverse climates as this product and others alike aid in controlling the climate inside the building, all year round. If it gets really cold in winter, but summer also packs a punch, then this is the product for you. The Dual Climate film rejects 67% of incoming heat in summer and insulates the glass in winter, essentially pushing internally generated heat back into the building; this has been proven with thermal imaging. Burn less wood, rack up less watts and save money.

Visually, this film is mildly reflective both inside and out, it doesn’t hinder vision to the outside through the day, however it is important to note that of a night time, it will seem more mirrored on the inside.

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White Frosted Glass Window Treatment

Specialty film consists of security film, frosting and optically-clear film.

Security or Safety film is optically clear and designed to be fitted to un-toughened glass that’s likely to come in contact with children or pets. Its also a great product to install to prevent break-ins, potential thieves can still break the glass but it will all hold in place making it very difficult to clear away and enter the building.

Frosting is designed to be fitted to glass where you need 100% privacy with minimal light loss. We frequently frost bathrooms, toilets, louvers, balcony balustrades and some bedroom/change room windows.

Spectrum Selective light window film is designed to be fitted to glass where visual transparency is required such as hair salons or retail shopfronts. We’ve also installed this product many times in buildings where window tint isn’t allowed by body-corp for example. It’s the tint to install when you don’t want to know that there’s tint at all. Maximum heat reduction with these products is 52%.

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